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Sebastian Winkler
Homo Vitruvianus
»existential & integrative«
Rua de Camões nº75 1º, Caldas da Rainha

There are many reasons for which you might seek psychotherapy. Be it that you are living through an acute crisis, are looking to improve a long-standing condition, or simply feel that your personal situation is stuck in some way (or at least not evolving in a desirable way). Most of the time, such moments and phases are marked by diminished clarity and sense of orientation. In therapy you can find accompaniment on the quest of thoroughly looking at and understanding your situation, both loving and critically, through feeling and through thought.


Hi, I’m Sebastian!

Father of four, born 1972 in Hamburg, Germany, I’ve been living in Portugal since 2000.
My training background is one of clinical psychology and gestalt therapy, a humanistic or “third force” therapy situated approach-wise in the middle ground between classical psychoanalysis and behavioral therapy. Accordingly, my approach is dialogical, and process oriented. The style I practice is neo-phenomenological and existential-analytical.

Finding the right therapist is a personal matter.


At the Olha-Te, I work with adults and adolescence in groups, as couples and one-on-one.

Man Meets Man


For questions and appointments, please contact me by phone or message at +351 934 414 733, or email me at

Rua de Camões nº75 1º, Caldas da Rainha